Helping Designers Stay Creative
We know that creative sparks often come from the most unexpected of places. You just can’t force creativity. It is the lifeblood of the artistic process and needs to be nurtured for a beautiful design idea to flourish. 
That in a nutshell, is the inspiration we needed to create StitchMob. Our light bulb moment was to let anyone with talent and that creative spark sell their work on our website. No emailing your design to hundreds of agents and buyers trying to just get a sample in the door. Going it alone instead can be a tricky journey as well: raising capital, starting up your own store and managing your stock levels all take time away from the creative process. 
Too much of that and the creative spark will burn out, and the moment passes. 
StitchMob is an intuitive, fresh, and clean web environment that invites designers from all four corners of the globe to submit their latest flashes of creativity with the click of a button.  
The Customer Is King
Then comes the other side of our new look coin: the customer. We all know that people love to seek out the next cool and trendy design. Finding that hidden gem is fun, uplifting and can make a person’s day.  
To make things super simple, we have designed StitchMob to be the go-to place if you want to find something new every time you browse. StitchMob is more than a store where products come in and out of stock. It’s a discovery platform for cool design, where designers come to showcase their talents. 
Rather than a small number of people in a boardroom deciding what to make based on mountains of spreadsheets, at StitchMob the customer is king. Voting for what we will produce and getting some awesome discounted pre-purchase rates in return.     
We Run The Hard Yards
Once we establish what our customers want, we turn to our extensive sourcing network and make full use of our unique production processes. This allows us to quickly and easily make anything and everything our designers dream up. 
What we love most is that our idea ensures a constant supply of new and fresh clothes for the kids. Each one totally unique, and certified cool.