Cristina Orozco Cuevas


Cristina Orozco Cuevas,  award - winning independent textile designer with 11 years of expertise based in Mexico City. 
On 2012 she starts to do freelance projects and in 2014 finally opens her own design studio .
Cristina specializes in surface CAD design in woven and prints in markets such as home decor, hospitality, home furnishing,
RV, kitchen goods, carpets and rugs, kids and others. Her design portafolio has around more than 1,500 patterns. 
Her Client´s Portfolio includes countries like Holland, Germany, India, USA and Mexico.

Her work can be described with her bedside book phrase “ Never repeat yourself”, and the goal of breaking design bounderies 
by working as a chameleon, adapting to clients needs, projects, styles trends or just not following nobody. On of the studio
main objects is ideally to create a balance between creative direction and business goals.

The studio or better consider as an experimental laboratory pursues the objectives of exploring, experimenting & evolving
 by the creation of textile network divided in 4 main sectors: Industry/ Co-working/Textile Art/ Product.

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