We believe that the best ideas, are the simplest ideas.

That’s why we can break StitchMob down into just 3 steps. Because that’s all it takes to transform the world of kids' apparel.


    Use our intuitive and easy to use design tool to select from a range of apparel templates and design in real time.

    The only thing left is to set your price and click submit. No phone calls and posting off samples, just instant access to a unique hub of creativity and great design.

  • Stage 2: FIND YOUR FANS

    Get busy sharing your designs and spread the word about your latest spark of inspiration!

    Getting the message out there is a great way to show the world why you might just be the next big thing in kid’s clothing.

    We want you to succeed and help grow the community. To lend a helping hand we will support your work with free re-marketing and give your first customers the option to purchase at enticing tiered discounted prices of up to 30% off.

  • Stage 3: WE MAKE IT

    If you sell 20 units or more, then you have just taken a massive step toward getting your entire collection flying off the shelves.

    Reach that magical milestone and we step in and take the reins for you. We’ll pay you, and then get busy sorting out everything else. Production, logistics and customer service - all taken care of by our expert network. Just 4 - 6 weeks later kids will be wearing anything and everything you design with a smile on their face.

    All you need to do is keep sharing your design and come up with your next masterpiece.